A guide to enrolling your baby in childcare

A guide to enrolling your baby in childcare

You may decide to enrol your baby in a childcare centre as you return to work or take on other responsibilities. This is often daunting, but there are a few key steps that will make the process much easier.

  1. Research childcare options

There are many childcare options available across Melbourne. You’ll need to decide what’s important to your family and find a centre that fits your needs.

The first step is to do your research and find out which childcare centres are available in your area. This may involve looking at different websites and Google reviews, and speaking with other parents or your local council. When assessing which centre may be right for your family, pay attention to things such as staff qualifications, safety standards, unique programs, and the quality of care.

  1. Book a tour

Once you’ve found a few childcare centres you’re interested in, book a tour. This will enable you to see each facility in person, meet the staff, and get a feel of whether the place is a good fit for your family. Look out for the staff-to-child ratio, the physical environment, the type of activities your child can take part in, the centre’s philosophy and whether there’s availability on the days you need.

  1. Add your baby to the waitlist

After you’ve completed your tours, the next step is to add your child to the waitlist at your preferred centre/s. This will ensure that they have a spot when they are ready to start.

If no place is available, the centre will contact you as soon as one opens. It’s often best to enrol your baby for the start or the middle of the year.

  1. Complete your enrolment information

If you’re offered a position, you’ll need to complete a series of enrolment documents before your child can start, such as the enrolment confirmation form, your baby’s profile, payment information, and any necessary medical or dietary forms.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s also a good idea to set up your MyGov and Medicare accounts. This will enable you to claim the Child Care Subsidy and access your baby’s immunisation records.

  1. Take part in the orientation

We recommend you take part in the centre’s orientation sessions before your child starts. These are a fantastic opportunity to meet the educators and learn more about the centre’s services, learning environments, facilities, programs and daily routines. You can also ask questions and share information that will help during the transition.

  1. Prepare for day one

Before starting childcare, it’s important to review the centre’s family handbook and familiarise yourself with its policies and procedures.

We recommend packing for childcare the night before, so there’s less stress on your first day.

What to pack

  • At least one change of clothes appropriate for the weather
  • A special toy or comforter to soothe your baby if they get upset
  • A coat and a beanie (in winter) or a legionnaire or summer hat (in summer)
  • A photograph of the family to leave at the service

Please clearly label every item with your baby’s name.

If your baby is on formula or expressed milk, please provide it to us in clearly labelled bottles.

By following these steps and doing your research, you can ensure that you are making the best decision for your family.

Why Learning Ladder Early Learning Centre?

By sending your baby to Learning Ladder, you can feel at peace that your baby is in safe and loving hands. As a boutique, family-owned and operated early learning provider, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality educational programs in beautiful, state-of-the-art settings. Our brand new, purpose-built facilities create a safe and exciting environment for your baby to explore, learn and grow—from six weeks of age onwards.

We’ll ensure you feel well supported as we work together to respond to your child’s needs. In partnership with you, our educators will create routines around your baby’s mealtimes and rest times, with opportunities for planned and spontaneous learning.

Creating a strong and trustful bond with your child is important to our educators. When your baby feels comfortable and happy in their surroundings, they’ll have the confidence to build on their physical, social and emotional skills.

To learn more about enrolling your baby in a Learning Ladder centre or to book a tour, please get in touch with us today.


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