Benefits of Long Day Care Kindergarten

Benefits of Long Day Care Kindergarten

Preparing your child for their transition to school is vitally important. You may be unsure whether to enol your child

in traditional sessional kindergarten or a Kinder program in a long day care centre.

How do you decide? Here are some of the main similarities and differences between the two:

Traditional Sessional Kindergarten

  • Often run by not-for-profit organisations or affiliated with schools
  • For children from 4 years of age (by 30 April)
  • Program delivered by fully qualified Kindergarten Teacher with Bachelor &/or Masters of Early Childhood Education
  • Play based program following ACECQA guidelines and the National Curriculum (EYLF)
  • School term operation only
  • Set days and times, programs offered 2-3 days a week with times similar to schools hours (9.00am and 3.00pm)
  • Set drop off and pick up times
  • Meals are not provided, parents must supply all food
  • Children are often required to be toilet trained to attend the Kinder
  • Casual Days are not available
  • May be required to wear a uniform

Learning Ladder Long Day Care Kindergarten

  • Run by professional childcare providers
  • For children from 4 years of age (by 30 April)
  • Program delivered by fully qualified Kindergarten Teacher with Bachelor &/or Masters of Early Childhood Education
  • Play based program following ACECQA guidelines and the National Curriculum (EYLF)
  • Centres offering care from birth
  • Operates 52 weeks of the year, closed only for public holidays
  • Flexible days and drop off and pick up times, with program available Monday to Friday between 6:30am and 6:30pm – parents can choose which days and how many they require
  • Smaller groups of children and more educators
  • One convenient drop off with siblings able to attend the same service
  • Add casual days when required, supporting working families
  • All meals provided – no need to pack lunches!
  • Child is not required to be toilet trained – If your child is not toilet trained, we supply nappies.
  • Fee assistance with Child Care Subsidy as we are an approved childcare service
  • No school uniforms
  • Access to an Extra’s program: including creative arts, music, language and sports.
  • Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum and played based learning.

    Both traditional kinder and long day care kinder have strict government requirements when it comes to staffing, space, facilities, and equipment.

    There are many benefits for your child to attend our long daycare kinder versus traditional sessional kinder.

    Long day care kinder programs have been shown to help increase academic achievement in children. A familiar environment is advantageous in children’s overall development combining familiarity and regular attendance, high quality educational and social experiences.

    6 main benefits of long day care Kinder

    As part of our long day care Kinder Program we have incorporated a School readiness Program which ensures your child is well equipped for the transition from Kinder to School. This specially designed program focuses on getting children ready – for life, school and to be a confident member of their community.

    A long day care kinder will give your family the option to have siblings attend the same centre. This can give a great sense of comfort and assurance to your children, knowing their siblings are close by. Additionally, one drop off and pick up location and time is handy!

    Strong bonds and friendships are formed throughout childcare and are strengthened and continued through kinder. Socialisation and supportive friends are crucial to forming important social skills such as language and cognitive capabilities. Social and Emotional Development is the key factor for school readiness. The familiarity of friends, surroundings and routine creates a relaxed space focused on your child’s learning and development. Our Kinder Program helps develop social and self-help skills through play-based learning which allows your child to thrive and flourish. Exploring and growing from infancy to kinder invites these friendships to continue through to school and beyond.

    Our Kinder Program uses a play-based approach that emphasises learning through exploration and investigation. The program encourages run by qualified and passionate Kindergarten Teachers, encourages children to be creative in all areas, whether it is problem solving or the expressive arts. It also encourages lateral thinking and positive social interactions.

    Some of the key features of our tailored School Readiness program incorporates ‘welcome group time’ which includes the day’s introduction of learning experiences. Our program also includes monthly updates emails focusing on school readiness activities and the latest early childhood news. Our in-house library is a feature for our Kinder children. Our Kinder children are encouraged to borrow books that interest them and to share family. ‘Show and Tell’ is introduced throughout the program to help build self-confidence and presentation skills in preparation for their school journey.

    In Term 4, we encourage school bags, lunch boxes and water bottles to be brought from home in order for our children to familiarise themselves with the routine and responsibility of personal property at school, all whilst being supported by our highly qualified Kinder Teachers and food continues to be provided by our qualified in house chefs.

    We have formed strong relationships with local primary schools. As part of our School Readiness Program, our children attend excursions to school in Term 4, which introduces a sense familiarity with their new Teacher, classroom, and playground whilst amongst their Kinder friends.

    Healthy, fresh, and nutritionally balanced meals can positively impact your child’s learning, cognitively and physically. At long day care kinder, meals and snacks are prepared daily by in-house chefs. All menus must use Healthy Eating Advisory Services (HEAS) guidelines when planning menus. These guidelines meet the NQS and Australian Dietary Guidelines.

    Long day care centres offer flexibility to work around your family’s requirements as we are open five days a week. Attending 5 days a week is not compulsory; however, the option is there should you require it. Each child is unique and has different needs. The option to ease them into the Kinder program is there and unrestricted by certain days or times.

    Learning Ladder ELC supports your child’s development by providing a nurturing, safe, respectful learning environment.

    Our passionate highly qualified Kindergarten Teachers ensure they create welcoming environments whilst supporting you and your child every step of the way.

    Find out more about Learning Ladder ELC Kinder Program by booking a tour at one of our state of the art centres near you.

    We are now taking enrolments for Kinder 2021. Register your interest today .

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