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Discover Creativity at Learning Ladder ELC and Montessori

Learning Ladder ELC and Montessori Centres, children’s creativity blossoms through tailored activities and an enriching environment. From hands-on exploration to imaginative play, every aspect of learning fosters creativity.

We Got a Bunny for the Kids to Celebrate Easter

When the Easter Bunny hopped into Learning Ladder, it wasn’t just any ordinary visit—it was a delightful surprise that sparked joy and wonder among the children.

Embracing Unity in Diversity with Cultural Celebrations

Cultural Diversity is one of Learning Ladder Montessori’s most important aspects of the program, being able to incorporate other cultures and explore a wide variety of ethnicities from around the world by celebrating whether it may be holidays, important dates.

Ensuring a fun yet learning environment for kids

In the vibrant world of early childhood, a myriad of activities await young minds, fostering holistic development and creating a nurturing environment.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Little Peeps

As we step into the vibrant and joyous season of Chinese New Year, Learning Laddder ELC centres are gearing up to celebrate this important cultural festival with their young learners, using creative mediums to embrace the festivities!

Crafty Tales of Tiny Toes

At Learning Ladder, we are firm believers in Vygotsky’s theory surrounding creativity, which is a fundamental part of a child’s overall development. 

Our little toddlers dived into a craft activity that was both engaging and educational using the summer season as inspiration. They created their own colourful sandals.

Weekly Incursions

Our weekly incursions allow hands-on teaching and learning in turn making learning interactive and fun and provides opportunity for children to be taught by someone other than their educators!

Father’s Day

Nature took the strength of a mountain, the patience of eternity and combined them to create the person we call dad.Father’s Day is a time where we come together to celebrate our dads, fatherly figures and special persons in our lives. 

What is as pure as the love and connections between a child and an animal!

Interactions with animals hold many benefits in early childhood development including helping children build a sense of connection with their environment and enabling them to learn about nature and how they can aid in the preservation of the different habitats.


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125 Watsonia Road
Watsonia, VIC 3087
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Wyndham Vale

(Now Open)
17-21 Cavalier Street, Wyndham Vale VIC 3024
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(Coming Soon)
26A Hayston Boulevard Epping Victoria 3076
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Narre Warren

(Opening Early 2025)
6-8 Meadow Walk Narre Warren, Victoria 3805
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