Five benefits of childcare excursions

Five benefits of childcare excursions

Childcare excursions are not only plenty of fun but also enable your child to develop important social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.

At a quality early learning centre, your child will take part in a range of excursions centred on the learning outcomes of the Australian Early Years Learning Framework. This framework focuses on supporting your child and helping them (i) build a strong sense of identity, (ii) feel connected and contribute to the world, (iii) develop a strong sense of wellbeing, (iv) be a confident and involved learner, and (v) become an effective communicator.

Here are five benefits of excursions for your child:

  1. New information and skills

Your child can explore, experiment and try new things in a safe and supervised setting. Whether it involves an educational trip to a museum or a fun outing at the park, an excursion offers new experiences that are crucial for your child’s development. Your child will learn about the world around them and develop new interests, preferences and skills. For instance, they may learn to use public transport or follow directions and thus gain the knowledge necessary to become independent.

  1. Relationships and social skills

Your child will have plenty of opportunities to socialise with their peers, community members and volunteers in various settings. These interactions can help your child develop vital social skills and self-confidence, build positive relationships and learn how to share and cooperate. Getting to know the educators better can help create a sense of security and comfort for your child.

  1. Physical activity

During an excursion, your child may have the chance to walk, run around or play and, in general, be physically active. This can help them develop their gross motor skills and get the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit.

  1. Imagination and creativity

Childcare excursions can spark your child’s imagination and creativity by opening their mind to new experiences, possibilities and ideas. This can lead to improved cognitive development and a greater appreciation for the world around them. The creative process of planning and preparing for an excursion can also benefit your child’s development.

  1. Fun experiences

There’s no doubt about it: exploring new places, meeting new people and seeing new things will be exciting for your child! Excursions can also provide a much-needed break from the routine of everyday life.

Learning Ladder’s excursion program

During their time at Learning Ladder, your little one will take part in a variety of fun, educational and age-appropriate excursions designed to enrich their learning experience. These excursions will help your child learn and grow in exciting new ways and create lasting memories in the process!

Excursions may involve visits to community gardens, libraries, aquariums, zoos, old-age care homes or the local fire department, among others. We encourage you to join us for these excursions if you have the time.

To learn more about the excursions organised by Learning Ladder or if you have any questions about our educational programs, get in touch today.


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