How to entertain your little ones when you’re unwell

How to entertain your little ones when you’re unwell

Lately, it seems that everyone is coming down with something, whether a cold, the flu or Covid-19, and it’s no fun being sick. If you’re a parent, it can be even less fun. Not only do you have to deal with feeling under the weather, but you also need to keep your little ones entertained.

Luckily, there are plenty of low-energy activities that you can organise for your children when you’re feeling unwell. Here are 13 ideas to get you started:

  1. Get them involved in your care

Let your children help you with simple tasks, such as  getting a glass of water or fetching a tissue. This will make them feel useful and involved, while alleviating some of your burden.

  1. Make lunch together

If you’re feeling up to it, involve your little ones in making lunch or snacks. Let them help measure, pour and stir while you supervise. This can be a fun activity and a great way for them to learn about maths, healthy eating and more.

  1. Read stories

Reading together is a wonderful, relaxing way to bond with your children and pass the time when you’re unwell. Simply snuggle up in bed together and let the stories transport you to other worlds.

  1. Do arts and crafts

Getting creative with arts and crafts is a sure way to entertain and calm your kids when you’re not feeling your best. So, get out the crayons and colouring books or break out the playdough for some creative fun.

  1. Make an indoor cubby house

Bring the outdoors indoors by encouraging your children to set up a cubby house and pretend to go on adventures in their own little space. Your children can use sheets, blankets, cushions and furniture to make the cubby house, then decorate it and have a few hours of fun while you rest nearby.  

  1. Have a tea party

Have a pretend tea party with your children using their favourite doll or stuffed animal as a guest. Serve up some “tea” (water) and snacks and enjoy spending time chatting with your little ones.

  1. Get out the Lego

Building with Lego is a terrific way for children to use their imaginations while passing the time. The activity is also an effective way to build problem-solving and fine motor skills.

  1. Play games

Pull out some board games or puzzles while sitting next to you. This way, you can still spend time together.

  1. Write a story together

To make a story, take turns to add a sentence or make up the whole thing. It’s a great way to bond while having fun.

  1. Listen to music

Relax and unwind when you’re not feeling well by listening to music together. Your children can even dance around and have a little fun or put on a concert for you.

  1. Head outside

Take your children for a walk, to the park or outside to play in your backyard when you’re feeling sick. Some fresh air can do wonders for your energy levels. Venturing outside will also give your little ones a chance to burn off some energy.

  1. Watch movies together

While the expert advice is to limit young children’s screentime, relaxing the rules a little when you’re sick will provide you with some much-needed respite while your children are entertained.

  1. Give them your attention

Sometimes, all your children need when you’re feeling ill is some extra attention and cuddles from you. Listen to their stories, marvel at their drawings or just sit, talk and snuggle with them.

So, there you have it, 13 great ways to entertain your little ones when you’re feeling sick! For more engaging activity ideas for children, get in touch today.


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