Preparing for a smooth transition to school

Preparing for a smooth transition to school

Starting school is a big milestone for every child and family. Your child can look forward to exciting new experiences and a wealth of learning opportunities. But what skills will your child need before starting school? What role do childcare and kindergarten play in preparing your child for school? And what can you do as a parent to support your child’s transition to school?

Let’s explore.

Important school-readiness skills

To ensure your child is well-prepared for a smooth transition to school, he or she should first know how to:

  1. Sit still and concentrate: Your child will need to be able to sit still and focus on an activity for a short period. This is important for listening to the teacher and completing classwork.
  2. Follow instructions: Your child will need to understand and follow simple instructions. This will ensure they can follow the teacher’s directions and complete tasks.
  3. Share and take turns: Your child will need to know how to share toys and take turns with other children. This is important for getting along with classmates and working together.
  4. Communicate: Your child will need to know how to communicate their needs and wants with teachers and peers.

Our role in school readiness

Taking part in a high-quality kindergarten and childcare program is a wonderful step in preparing your child for school. Doing so will support your child with:

  1. A structured environment: A big part of school is learning how to follow rules and routines. In childcare and kindergarten, your child learns how to do this by following a daily schedule. They learn that there is a time for everything­—to eat, play, listen to stories, etc. This helps prepare them for the more structured environment of school.
  2. Social skill development: In school, children will be expected to work and play with others. This can be a big change for some children, but luckily, childcare and kindergarten can help! In these settings, your child will learn how to share, take turns, and resolve conflicts. They’ll also learn how to listen to adults and follow directions.
  3. Learning basic academic skills: Many of the skills your child learns in childcare will help when they start school. For example, they might learn how to count or recognise their ABCs. They might also learn how to write their name or simple words. These may seem like small things, but they will give your child a head start when they start school.
  4. Providing a safe and nurturing environment: A good childcare and kindergarten program will ensure your child feels safe and loved. This helps children feel confident and secure. When your child feels this way, they’re more likely to do well in school.

How to support your child’s transition to school

There’s also plenty you can do as a parent to support your child’s transition to school.

  1. Social skills: Encourage your child to play with other children and talk about their feelings.

  2. Independence: Allow your child to do things for themselves, such as getting dressed and brushing their teeth.
  3. Fine motor skills: Provide opportunities to practice writing, drawing, and playing with small objects.
  4. Gross motor skills: Encourage active play and outdoor activities.
  5. Cognitive skills: Read with your child, do puzzles together, and talk about what they’re learning in kindergarten or childcare.
  6. Emotional self-regulation: Teach your child how to take breaks, stay calm, and manage their emotions through talking and mindfulness activities.
  7. A positive attitude towards school: Talk to your child about all the fun they’ll have at school and the new friends they’ll make there.
  8. Prepare for success: Set up a daily routine at home and help them pack their school supplies.

By taking some time to support your child during this transition, you can help them start school feeling confident and ready to learn.

Promoting school readiness at Learning Ladder

One of our most vital roles is to help your child build their cognitive, social, and emotional skills in preparation for school. Through fun, engaging, child-led, and developmentally appropriate structured and free play experiences, our educators partner with you to support your child in developing important school-readiness skills.

To learn more about how our play-based educational programs will get your child ready for a smooth start to school, please get in touch today.


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