The importance of structured childcare programs

The importance of structured childcare programs

When you think about childcare, you might picture a group of children running around a room with no real structure or purpose. But did you know that quality childcare programs are carefully structured to optimise your child’s learning and development and sense of security and fun?

There are many benefits of structured childcare programs for your child, some of which are listed below.

  1. Routine

Routines are vital for providing children with a sense of security and stability. When children know what to expect, they feel more comfortable and confident in going about their day and navigating their surroundings.

In a structured childcare program, each day is broken down into distinct periods, such as free play, group time, art and craft activities, music and movement, outdoor play and mealtime. This helps children understand what is happening around them and what they should be doing next.

  1. Socialisation

Structured childcare programs enable children to socialise with other children of their age. Children are encouraged to interact with each other through structured and open-ended group activities and games. They learn to share, take turns and cooperate with others, thus developing essential communication and social skills.

  1. Independence

Your child can explore and discover new things at their own pace when enrolled in a structured childcare program. They will be encouraged to try out new activities and make their own choices, which will help them build independence and confidence.

  1. Learning

Structured childcare programs offer a wide range of stimulating activities that help children learn about the world around them. Your little one can learn about colours, shapes, numbers, letters and so much more through creative play in such a program.

  1. A safe environment

The childcare environment in a structured program is carefully planned and organised to ensure that all children are safe at all times. Your child will only participate in age-appropriate activities and will be closely supervised by trained childcare educators.

Learning Ladder’s quality educational programs

The structured childcare program at Learning Ladder is managed by experienced and dedicated educators who will ensure that your child receives the best possible start in their educational journey. Underpinned by the Victorian Government’s Early Years Learning Frameworks and the Reggio and Emilia educational philosophy, this program combines both planned and free play to optimise children’s learning and development. Get in touch to learn more about our quality centres and programs.


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