Tips for ensuring your child eats five veggies a day

Tips for ensuring your child eats five veggies a day

If you want to make sure your child gets the nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong, here are seven great ways to encourage even the fussiest of eaters to eat five veggies a day.

  1. Lead by example.

Children are more likely to eat something if they see you eating it, too. So make sure you’re getting your daily dose of veggies and that your little one sees you enjoying the experience.

  1. Hide veggies in other dishes.

If your child is picky about eating vegetables, try hiding them in other foods they love. Think shredded carrots and zucchini in Bolognese, pumpkin scones or a cheesy veggie pasta bake.

  1. Serve them as snacks.

Veggies make great snacks! Cut up some carrots, celery, cucumbers or capsicum, and serve them with healthy dips such as hummus, tzatziki, carrot or beetroot. You could even get veggie chips or crackers.

  1. Let your child choose.

Give your child a few options to choose from, and let them pick which veggies they want to eat that day.

  1. Make it fun.

Cut vegetables into fun shapes, and turn mealtime into a game! Cookie cutters are great for making shapes out of cucumbers, carrots, celery and other vegetables.

  1. Get your child involved in the prep.

Involving your kid in the kitchen is a great way to get them excited about eating their veggies. Let them help you wash and prepare the vegetables. Your little one will be more likely to eat their veggies if they’ve been a part of making them! Growing your own vegetables is another great way to get your child excited about eating them.

  1. Be patient.

It may take some time for your child to develop a taste for vegetables, but don’t give up! Keep offering them vegetables in various forms and setting a good example. Your child will eventually come around.

Healthy Eating at Learning Ladder

At Learning Ladder, your child will enjoy plenty of veggies through delicious and healthy meals and snacks prepared by our in-house chefs and cooks. Our menu is designed by a qualified nutritionist based on what’s in season, the health department’s recommendations and legislation and the food pyramid. The menu offerings are constantly inspired by feedback from children as well as the tastes and inputs of educators and families. Your child will also have access to our veggie patch, where they can learn about different vegetables and how they are used, where food comes from and so on.

To learn more about our menus or for healthy eating tips, please get in touch.


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