Tips for helping your child calm down

Tips for helping your child calm down

Any parent knows how easily a young child can get worked up or upset. As a parent or caregiver, it’s important to know how to help your child calm down when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Why children need help calming down

When your child gets upset, it’s often because they’re feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions. These emotions can include anger, fear, sadness, and even excitement. When children face something that triggers these emotions, they may not have the tools to cope with them productively. Young children can’t yet understand or control their emotions and have a hard time putting words to their feelings. This can lead to tantrums, meltdowns, and other undesirable behaviours.

How to help your child calm down

By teaching your child healthy coping mechanisms, you can support them to better understand and control their emotions. This will help them avoid future tantrums and meltdowns.

Here are five tips for helping your child calm down:​

1.Acknowledge their feelings

Let your child know it’s okay to feel upset, angry, or frustrated. Show them you understand how they’re feeling. This can help them feel validated and understood, which can calm them down.

2.Help them label their feelings

Once you’ve acknowledged their feelings, help them put a name to what they’re feeling. This can be as simple as saying, “It sounds like you’re feeling angry right now”. Naming their emotions can help your child better understand and manage them.

3.Offer comfort and reassurance​

Reassure your child that you’re there for them and that everything is going to be okay. Offer physical comfort, such as a hug or pat on the back. This can help your child feel safe and loved, which can start to calm them down.

4.Help them take deep breaths

One of the quickest ways to calm down is by taking deep breaths. Help your child breathe in slowly through their nose and out through their mouth. You can even have them count to four as they inhale and exhale. This will help slow down their breathing and start to calm them down.

5.Do a calming activity together

Once your child has started to calm down, do a relaxing activity together. This could be:

∙Reading a book
∙Listening to calming music
∙Doing some gentle stretches or yoga poses
∙Drawing or colouring
∙Playing with a calming toy, such as a stuffed animal
∙Taking a bath
∙Going for a walk outside

When your child is feeling overwhelmed or upset, take a few minutes to help them calm down. These tips and activities can make a big difference to how they’re feeling. With a little practice, you’ll be able to help your child stay calm and peaceful in any situation.

For more information and tips on how to help calm your child, please get in touch with us today.


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