What Is The Difference Between Long Daycare and Sessional Kindergarten?

What Is The Difference Between Long Daycare and Sessional Kindergarten?

Are you wondering whether long daycare or sessional kindergarten is the right choice for your child? Well, it’s a common dilemma. Sessional Kindergarten and Long Daycare are like apples and oranges – both are fruits but, so different.

In this blog, we will explore the differences between sessional kindergarten and long daycare. It will help you to choose the best for your kid while you can focus on your work with peace.

What is the Major Difference Between Long Daycare and Sessional Kindergarten?

A Place Other Than Home:

Long daycare is like a second home for children whose parents work. The teachers take good care of them, keeping them safe and teaching them the basics.

Sessional kindergarten, on the other hand, is where children go to learn in a more structured way. It’s for kids whose parents work or stay at home, and it’s where they start learning things like reading and Maths. Well, Maths is the tough thing you better choose the right option for your kid J

Education and Pattern

Commonly, people tend to associate long daycare with “care” and sessional kindergarten with “studies.” However, this oversimplification doesn’t capture the full picture.

“Care” in long daycare refers to the short-term teacher-child bond, while “studies” in sessional kindergarten involve a deeper connection to professionalism, degrees, and diplomas. It’s not just about care; it’s about setting the stage for a lifelong journey of learning and growth.

Age Matters

One major difference is the age at which children can join. Sessional Kindergarten usually starts at four years old, while long daycare can welcome children as young as 18 months.

Note: These age limits can vary between different long daycare and sessional kindergarten facilities. Some may accept younger or older children. Still, it’s commonly recommended to send children to long daycare or sessional kindergarten around these ages.

Once you understand the differences, it’s important to know what sessional kindergarten and long daycare provide for your child. Because parents want the best for their child, right? So, let’s explore what sessional kindergarten or long daycare can provide to your child.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Sessional Kindergarten or Long Daycare for Your Child

Many reputable sessional kindergartens, such as Learning Ladder ELC in Cranbourne, prioritize the holistic development of children, focusing on their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. These institutions offer a range of programs, including indoor-outdoor activities that enhance gross motor skills while empowering children to choose their preferred play environments.

Enrolling your child in sessional kindergarten equips them with essential life skills. They learn to be independent and manage their belongings, combining theoretical and practical knowledge.

In contrast, Cranbourne long daycares emphasize the vital caregiver-child relationship during a child’s initial years. Early childhood necessitates personalized attention and care to support a child’s development, as the environment they are exposed to plays an important role in shaping their growth and character.

Cost Involved in Sessional Kindergarten or Long Daycare

Apart from the services provided by sessional kindergartens or long daycares, cost is an important factor to consider.

Sessional kindergartens usually charge a set monthly or yearly fee that includes everything like extracurricular activities and studies.

Long daycares, on the other hand, can have variable costs because they cover essentials like meals and diapers. They may also charge extra if they have to look after your child for longer hours.


Deciding between long daycare and sessional kindergarten can be tough, but considering a few key factors can make it simpler. After considering these factors it’s finally the right time to make a decision for your kid. These points will help you make a better decision and you can work peacefully without worrying much about your kid.

Long Daycare is all about keeping your younger child safe and cared for while you’re at work. On the other hand, sessional kindergarten is where the learning adventure kicks off, and it’s better for slightly older kids.

It really comes down to your child’s age, what they need, and your budget. You can rely on Cranbourne Long Daycare and Sessional Kindergarten Centers to choose the best for your kid.


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